Speech Contests

  Toastmasters Supplies Australia no longer sells the Speech Contest rulebook or forms used in speech contests, since the print versions of these have been discontinued by Toastmasters International. They are all available for free downloading from this page. Details of the forms required and download links are shown below. Click the relevant number to download an item.

Contest certificates, produced on card and not paper, and certificate holders are still available for purchase as shown on our online order form.
Contest Material
1171 Contest Rule Book
For these items you need a minimum of 1 sheet per contest.
1175 Timers Record
1176 Counters Sheet
1182 Notification of winner
For these items you need a minimum of 1 sheet per contestant.
1183 Cert of Eligibility and Originality
1189 Speech Contestant Profile
1177 Evaluation Contestant Notes
Judging Forms
For these items you need 1 Judge's Certification per judge at a set of contests plus 1 Guide & Ballot per judge and a Tiebreak Guide & Ballot for each contest.
Note: For club contests, all members not otherwise involved in the contest are encouraged to judge as part of their training.
Five judges are needed for Area contests and 7 judges for Division contests.
1170 Judge's Cert. of Eligibility & Code of Ethics
1172 International Judge Guide & Ballot
1188 International Tiebreak Judge
1179 Evaluation Judge Guide & Ballot
1179A Evaluation Tiebreak Judge
1191 Humorous Judge Guide & Ballot
1191A Humorous Tiebreak Judge
1180 Topics Judge Guide & Ballot
1180A Topics Tiebreak Judge

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