The Australasian Chairman

About The Australasian Chairman

The Australasian Chairman is a booklet covering the principles and rules of meeting procedure as used in Australia and New Zealand.

Based on N,E. Renton's Guide for Meetings and Organisations, the booklet is both a guide to understanding the rules of meeting procedure and also a reference for chairmen and members participating in meetings of organisations. Published as a 28 page A5 booklet, it is a convenient size to take to and have available at meetings.

The author is Gary Wilson OAM, a Past International Director of Toastmasters International with over 50 years experience in training and advising organisations in correctly running meetings.

Where is it Used?

Meeting procedure should be the basis of all meetings run by voluntary or non-profit organisations, whether incorporated or not. As such, it applies to meetings of Clubs, Societies and Associations formed for such diverse activities as sports, social, leisure, hobbies, community service, church groups, school and strata committees. This booklet is intended to help both chairmen and members participating in the meetings of such organisations.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Meeting Procedure
  2. Processing a Motion
  3. Amendments
  4. Rules Governing Motions & Amendments
  5. Stages of a Meeting
  6. Procedural Motions
  7. Other matters
  8. Appendix A - Chairman’s Cheat Sheet


The Australasian Chairman is available post free in Australia for $4.

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The Australasian Chaorman
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