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The Australasian Chairman booklet

The Australasian Chairman
This is a 28 page A5 booklet covering the principles and rules of meeting procedure as used in Australia and New Zealand.

Based on Renton's Guide for Meetings, this booklet is both an educational guide and a reference for chairmen and members participating in business sessions of Toastmasters and other organisations.

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Toastmasters Australian Supplies Shop

Toastmasters Supplies Australia is closing down!

Ours is a service that has stocked and supplied a range of Toastmasters educational and meeting material to support clubs and members in Australia for over 40 years. But the world is changing and Toastmasters now has nearly everything we previously sold available as digital downloads.

The introduction of the new digital Speechcraft program has removed the last volume items we sold. We needed this volume to justify the shipping costs associated with bringing orders from World Headquarters of up to $1000 a time with a 4 day turn-around a number of times each month. This is something we did regularly before Pathways.

We are remaining open for business at present selling speech contest certificates and folders at reduced prices plus the new Chairmanship booklet.

See our catalogue of pictures, information and prices of items still available to enhance the operation and meetings of clubs. We supply all clubs in Australia
POST FREE but do not ship outside Australia.


Ordering supplies from Toastmasters Supplies Australia

Order online using our very simple and secure online order form. You can pay immediately by PayPal or credit card or elect to pay separately by internet electronic funds transfer (EFT). In the case of the latter option, orders will NOT be processed until the EFT payment appears in our bank account. This can take a few business days.

Name Badges

Please note that customised member and officer name badges are sold separately to other supplies, being supplied directly by the manufacturer in Australia. Please use this pricelist and order form for customised name badges


The Speech Contest rulebook and forms used in speech contests are all available for free downloading from our Speech Contest page.


Following the introduction of the online Pathways education system, many of the manuals and other items associated with the old Toastmasters education system have been withdrawn. Most of the former educational modules are still available though, mainly as digital downloads. See the Educational Modules page for details.

For any queries, please contact the Supplies Officer Gary Wilson or phone 02 9630 4518.

Meetings Procedure Workshop
(See flyer for more details.)
This is the Australian equivalent, based on Renton's Guide for Meetings, of the
TI Parliamentary Procedure in Action module. It can be used for a Success/Leadership credit. 
Available as a
free download. here.

After extracting the files, locate and open file index.htm.

The Australasian Chairman booklet highlighted above is a personal
reference of this course material.