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 Mini Certificates
#602BS, #602BE,
#602BTT, 10 for $5.50

#393BS, #393BE, #393BTT
Set of 10 for $9.75

Timing Lights

Timing Lights
Uses 2 x AA batteries
Has small monitor LED lights on controller plus an audible
 indicator #7003, $119

Banner stand

Banner stand
Light weight stand, comes with carry tube. Hang banner with cord at top.
 #7008, $47

Meetings Procedure Workshop
(See flyer for more details.)
This is the Australian equivalent, based on Renton's Guide for Meetings, of the TI Parliamentary Procedure in Action module. It can be used for a Success/Leadership credit. 
Available as a free download. here.

After extracting the files, locate and open file index.htm.

Toastmasters Australian Supplies Shop


Toastmasters Supplies Australia is a service that has stocked and supplied a range of Toastmasters educational and meeting material to support clubs and members in Australia for many years.

Because of change of the Toastmasters education system from printed manuals to online Pathways, the business has been restructured to focus on core club supplies.

See pictures and information on the range of items available to enhance the operation and meetings of clubs.

We supply all clubs in Australia
POST FREE but do not ship outside Australia.

Club Supplies

Trophies & Pins

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Name Badges

Please note that customised member and officer name badges are sold separately to other supplies, being supplied directly by the manufacturer in Australia. Please use this pricelist and order form for customised name badges.

Recognition items (Trophies and pins)

We no longer sell recognition items such as trophies, medals and pins. The supply of these has been outsourced by Toastmasters International and we can no longer obtain a reliable and economic supply of them.

Pathways has started

To read about the impact of Pathways and the availability of manuals and modules in the transition period, see the Education Supplies page. This page contains much information about all the old programs.

To order supplies from Toastmasters Supplies Australia you have two choices.


  • Order online using our very simple online order form
    Open this secure online Supplies Order Form to submit an order electronically. You can pay immediately by PayPal or credit card or elect to pay separately by cheque or internet electronic funds transfer (EFT).
    In the case of the latter options, orders will NOT be processed until the cheque or money order is received or the EFT payment appears in our bank account. This can take a few business days.
  • Order by post with cheque, credit card or EFT payment
    Download and print out the Toastmasters Supplies Australia Order Form and send the completed form by post with a cheque or with credit card or internet electronic funds details. Check current prices before ordering as prices vary due to the changing $US exchange rate. (Address details are on the form.)

For any queries, please contact the Supplies Sales Officer Elizabeth Wilson or phone 02 9630 4518.

Handbook #204H, $4.50
Coordinator Guide, #204, $4.50
Student certificate, #261, $1.20
Coord. certificate, #260, $1.20
Youth Leadership
Student Handbook #805, $4
Coordinator Guide, #802, $9
Student certificate, #810 $1.20
Coord. certificate, #809, $1.20